South Bay OpenStack Meetup – Where are the Networkers?

Just a quick note before the weekend. Yesterday I attended a South Bay OpenStack Meetup organized by Mirantis, a provider of OpenStack services. Over 100 people had RSVP’d for the event, which was held on Yahoo!’s campus. About 50 attended.

The event featured an introductory presentation by Mirantis on the OpenStack architecture and featured excellent coverage on the messaging between the various components and APIs. Co-resenting was Lee Xie, Senior Technical Engagement Manager from Mirantis, who had earlier in the day published a detailed, albeit subjective comparison of OpenStack versus VMware.

What struck me as amazing was the lack of questions and familiarity with Quantum, the networking component of OpenStack that has been out since Folsom was released in September 2012. I had never expected myself to be the only person asking questions about Quantum at an OpenStack event! OpenStack itself has been around since 2010 or so, and it is possible that most of the attendees had server and storage background. JSON, REST, Puppet, and Rabbit were the more fluid topics of discussion. I drew puzzled looks when I broached the subject of Floodlight and OpenFlow.

The meetups are scheduled for every other week with Beginners and Intermediate tracks held at the same time in different rooms. Maybe I’ll attend the Intermediate track next time.


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