2013 Goals Revisited

It has been quite a while since my last blog post. I suppose part of the reason is due to my role as a Product Manager. While I’ve learned an incredible amount since taking on the role in April, lately I often wonder whether the source of my knowledge is from generally following the industry or from what I learn at work.

Looking back at the past twelve months at the goals I set myself before my current role, I can see that I was quite far off:

  • Home OpenStack lab – not met
  • Document my findings and release them to the public in easy-to-understand videos and screencasts – not met
  • Watch all of Ivan Pepeljnak’s webinars. So far I’ve only watched about a third. – not met. This is one goal that I need to set again for 2014.
  • Attain a working knowledge of Python via Codeacademy – not met
  • Recertify my CCIE status – met
  • Play a major role in building a product – met

Overall, I think I might be better served with a little more focus as some of the goals I set myself for 2013 were related to technical marketing, which is a bit ambitious given that is not my job function. While I haven’t set goals for 2014, I definitely hope to write more frequently.


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