What does it mean to be ‘OpenStack Compatible’?

Recently, Big Switch Networks earned bragging rights as the first networking vendor to attain the OpenStack Compatible certification. To achieve this status, the requirements are different for hardware and software products. Big Switch demonstrated compatibility with both Nova and Neutron networking environments. There are more details on the Big Switch and Mirantis sites. Big Switch differentiates between the two environments as:

  • In a Neutron implementation, the Big Cloud Fabric leverages the BSN ML2 Driver, enabling automation and orchestration of its bare metal, SDN-based Big Cloud Fabric with the OpenStack controller.
  • In a Nova implementation, Big Cloud Fabric has optimized configurations and performance enhancements that let it serve as a multi-path leaf/spine CLOS service 4k VLANs to every edge port. Unlike traditional spanning-tree based switching designs, full cross-section bandwidth can be acheived while delivering 4k vlans to every edge port with no performance penalty.

The question I have is that while obviously somebody has to be first, why aren’t there more products and vendors listed? Specifically, how soon will it be before we see HP, the leading contributor to OpenStack on that list?


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