Announcing the Rafay Certification program

Today I’m extremely happy to announce the launch of the Rafay Certification program – the industry’s first and only multi-cloud Kubernetes operations certification. This is a unique program for platform teams, infrastructure engineers, SREs, and application developers to develop competencies in application modernization using Kubernetes.

Let’s face it. Kubernetes is difficult! Enterprises are finding it difficult to translate the skills learned in the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam offered by CNCF to large scale environments. It’s hard enough managing a single cluster. To manage hundreds of clusters with enterprise-grade best practices along with governance and security can be a daunting task.

But don’t hate k8s. This is where Rafay helps. And this is where the Rafay Certification program will help. It provides ongoing education to enable customers in their digital transformation initiatives by gaining rapid efficiencies from Kubernetes.

We have partnered with Credly by Pearson to build this program. Credly provides a digital badging platform that comprises 95% of the top IT certifications. Many of our customers already use Credly to flaunt their hard-earned accomplishments with other vendors. The Rafay Certified Associate is the latest entry there.

To learn more, check out the blog piece I wrote for Rafay as well as general information on the Rafay Certification program itself.


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