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Linux as a Switch Operating System: Five Lessons Learned

Although this post is nearly a year old, it is still gold. Ken Duda, the CTO of Arista Networks described five lessons learned along the way of supporting Enterprise Operating System (EOS), the Linux-based switching operating system. They are listed as:

  1. It’s okay to leave the door unlocked.
  2. Preserve the integrity of the Linux core.
  3. Focus on state, not messages.
  4. Keep your hands out of the kernel.
  5. Provide familiar interfaces to ease adoption.

Definitely worth a read.


What the world outside of IT can learn from open source

Earlier this week, the world’s leading drugmaker Johnson and Johnson (J & J) announced that it would join hands with rival GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to develop a vaccine to combat the Ebola disease. Apparently, both companies had been working on a vaccine, but now they are collaborating.

Yawn. Tech companies have been doing that for decades, since the early days of Linux. It’s called Open Source, people. And it’s a beautiful thing. When competitors get together to come up with solutions, obviously much of it is for publicity, but much good does come out of it. The world would be a much better place if other major corporations would follow suit for a change, and come up with ideas together to solve real world problems.